Beginners’ baking class

Hi everyone! By popular demand we’ve organised a baking class to teach you how to make banana bread and shortbread. The class will be from 5-7pm in the Multifaith Chaplaincy on the 8th November. Here is the link to the event on the SU page where you can buy your tickets from: Tickets are limited and cost £4 for members and £5 for non-members, so go … Continue reading Beginners’ baking class

Recipe from our 2nd BYOB- Chocolate cherry cake

Hi everyone! Our chocolate BYOB was a big success- a great turnout and lots of delicious bakes! Our main recipe request that we got was for the chocolate cherry brownie cake, so here is the recipe: Ingredients 175g unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing 225g dark chocolate, broken into pieces 200g caster sugar 3 medium eggs, separated 65g plain flour Glace cherries, as many as … Continue reading Recipe from our 2nd BYOB- Chocolate cherry cake

Welcome to a new year of Baking Society!

This is our second year running and we’re very excited about changes and new opportunities coming your way. It was lovely to see so many people at this year’s Welcome Fair. For those of you who missed us, we hope to see you at our first event of the year—keep your eyes peeled for details! Make sure to check out our new committee page. This … Continue reading Welcome to a new year of Baking Society!

Bring Your Own Bake: House Rules

One of the events that we’re hoping to run regularly is a BYOB or Bring Your Own Bake. All things being well, they’ll be held every fortnight, starting in Week 2. Each one will have a theme, such as ‘Cakes’ or ‘Chocolate’ or ‘Gluten-free’, and we’ll ask you to bake something in accordance with that theme and bring it along to the meeting for the rest … Continue reading Bring Your Own Bake: House Rules